Summer Poem
Posted by Jack on July 23, 2011

Summer Poem

This summer has been a blast.
It just doesn’t last.
It goes by so fast.
If only it went on forever.
It would never end , never.
I stand by the kids of today
Can you make summer longer?
At least by 1 day

Tips of Taekwondo
Posted by Jack on October 4, 2009

I went to a tournament in Millington. I got three third places, for sparring, weapons,
and forms. There were three other people from my school competing in the same ring as me.
We all did pretty good. Grand Master Lee was there. He walked by me and my friends and
said that he was impressed by how we were sitting like Masters.

I also got a new belt on Friday night at graduation. It is a blue belt decided. I got the
decided belt because I joined the Junior Leader program. I will get to help teach classes
to the Tiny Tigers. You can tell I am a Junior Leader because I have a yellow stripe in my
belt now. I will also have a red, white, and blue collar on my new dobak (my jacket) and
it will also have my name on the back.

Yesterday we had a Taekwondo demonstration at the Zoo. One of us put on a red padded
suit and we practiced kicking his legs. I pushed off his leg and did a back roll. We did
the Bahng Mahng Ee weapon form. We did stretch kicks to show everyone how we warm up. We
also broke some boards. I broke mine with a palm heel strike.

Summer Fun
Posted by Jack on July 19, 2009

This summer was a very long one. On the last day of school I didn't want summer to start,
but now I'm glad it did.

A few weeks ago I went to Little Rock for the ATA World Championships. I got second place
in forms and received a very awesome trophy. The night we got there we saw the opening
ceremonies. They were unusual and fun. They sang the Korean and American national anthems.

Before ATA, we went to the Kia Kima Scout Resident Camp near Hardy, AR. There was a lake
that wasn't very deep that didn't have any fish in it. I got three belt loops while I was
there. Fishing, Archery, and BB Guns. Archery was my favorite.

A few days ago I almost broke my hand at Taekwondo practice. I was trying to jump as high
as I can and spin around all the way but I failed. I landed on my hand and hurt my fingers.
Now I'm not allowed to bend those three fingers so I have them buddy taped.

Yesterday I ran my first 5K race. I won third place in my age bracket. It was very fun. Near
the end I was running with my feet almost touching my back. I told Mom that I would jump over
the finish line but I didn't because I didn't know what it looked like.

Disney Magic
Posted by Jack on April 11, 2009

For Spring Break we went to Disney World. We stayed in a hotel called All-Star Movies.
There are four parks. One of them is Epcot. Animal Kingdom was Mom's favorite, but she
didn't like one of the rides. The one that she didn't like was Expedition Everest. My
favorite ride was Test Track. It was in Epcot and it makes you go through alot of tests.
For example, the heat chamber. There was one part of it with a barrier test. You think
you are going to crash into the wall but you don't because when you get 2 feet away it
opens and you go zooming outside. This was Dad's favorite ride, too. Mom's favorite ride
was the Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom.

In The Magic Kingdom there was a huge fireworks display. A person comes flying down from
the top window dressed as Tinkerbell. We destroyed all of the mountains at the Magic
Kingdom. There were three of them. Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash
Mountain. Space Mountain was the most fun.

At Hollywood Studios there is an Extreme Stunt Show! One person catches on fire. I thought
that was hilarious. I want to go back tomorrow!

Big Day!
Posted by Jack on March 1, 2009

Yesterday I had a big day! I did like 12 things. One of the things I did was having
a giant dessert! I went to the Fire Station with another Cub Scout. I saw a fire truck
and learned that they have Jaws of Life that are really heavy. I played outside in the
snow. We played Snorta! and Cootie. I got a marshmallow shooter from Dado and I shot
one into the Kitty Condo.

Sparring is Fun!
Posted by Jack on February 21, 2009

I got to spar today. Do you know what sparring means?
It means to hit each other. But you have protective gear.

Website Almost Finished...Really!
Posted by Drake on February 15, 2009

Working on getting the whole site up and running, since Jack is getting pretty mad at me!
This is the News section, where Jack can add news about whatever is going on with him,
and I can post updates when new photos or videos are added to the site.

Thanks for being patient!